20 Guidelines for Successful Printing Business Opportunities

20 Guidelines for Successful Printing Business Opportunities - Printing business is endless. Any person directly or indirectly always need agents printing for a variety of things.

This may be one of the business opportunities that will continue in the future. To have a profitable printing business, you'll want to know the ropes as follows:

1. Various Kinds of Printing Products In Printing Business Opportunities

Various Kinds of Printing Products In Printing Business Opportunities

Obviously there are a lot of products of printing, you can start a business with one or coupled with some products that work more efficiently. Some examples of printing products include:

  • • Print paper wedding invitations
  • • Print a wide range of books and book knowledge
  • • Files and forms necessary office
  • • Office supplies such as envelopes, calendars, stopmap
  • • posters or brochures activities
  • • Various attributes and local elections
  • • Attempts screen printing or custom mugs

2. Various Techniques Print In Printing Business Opportunities

To produce various kinds of printing, there are three kinds of techniques are used, the technique of offset printing, digital printing and screen printing.

  • • Digital Printing: Print using printer like printing paper, but it can print on a variety of other media, such as billboards and banners.
  • • Offset: Print paper with large scale
  • • Prints: Prints ink on stocking material, plastic, glass, paper, wood, etc.

3. Use Technique Print In Printing Business Opportunities

Digital printing technique used to print the amount is not too much. Usually the price is calculated per copy, and does not decrease even if the amount of printing increases.

In contrast to offset printing technique used to print books, brochures, or posters which are usually large scale, so the higher the number of orders, prices are usually more affordable. While the screen printing technique widely used on banners, T-shirt, or mug.

4. Digital Printing Equipment In Printing Business Opportunities

Digital printing equipment of many kinds, such as Roland (giant-sized printer to print colored paper), regular copiers such as Xerox, and Fabric.

Of course, to the initial capital printing business with digital printing, the thing you have to do is a survey of a range of equipment suitable for the intended use product manufacture.

5. Choose Digital Printing Equipment In Printing Business Opportunities

There are several things that need to be considered to choose the digital printing equipment:

  • • Choosing a reliable distributor. Make sure the machine supplier has the after sale services, has a wide range of spare parts, is an authorized distributor and supported by reputable factories.
  • • Note the functionality and usability of machines, electrical specifications, power, features, brand products, as well as prices.
  • • Note the arrangement of the room for a digital printing

6. Spatial Planning For The Digital Printing In Printing Business Opportunities

Spatial Planning For The Digital Printing In Printing Business Opportunities

There are 3 things you should perharikan to organize the space where digital printing machine is placed:

  • • Digital Printing Machine: do not put face to face with the air conditioner (AC), buffer causing the printout was not optimal, because some engines are sensitive to temperature and wind.
  • • Position the electrical ground and Stop Electrical Contacts
  • • Positioning Computer Network connected with the printing machine.
  • • Make sure the room is pretty cool (20-25 degree C) with low humidity (RH 40-60)

7. Supporting Materials Digital Printing In Printing Business Opportunities

To support the digital printing machine can work optimally, of course, required additional materials, such as:

  • • Digital Ink Printing without ink will not be scored. Inks need to continuously replenished.
  • • Cleaning Solvents (Solvent Cleaner), to clean up the remaining ink in the Head engine.
  • • Machine to make holes appear on the banner.
  • • Seaming Machine, to combine images when printing very large
  • • Laminating Machines
  • • Tissue Print Head

8. Print Digital Printing In Printing Business Opportunities

If the average printer can only print on paper, unlike the case with digital printing that can print on a variety of media, such as:

  • • Vinyl Flexi: widely used for printing billboard, wallpaper, banner, banners, and billboards. Have the kind of front line and back lite.
  • • Photo Paper: to print the photos, materials like printed photos.
  • • Vinyl Stickers: widely used for the sticker affixed to the windshield.
  • • Stickers One Way Vision: such as vinyl sticker, but from the inside of the translucent sticker you can look out.
  • • Mesh: perforated material, widely used for ads posted in high-rise building without a billboard. The hole is so that the wind can penetrate.
  • • PVC Banner
  • • Film Baclite
  • • PP Paper

9. Employee You Need In Printing Business Opportunities

To start digital printing business, you should hire employees who are placed in the third part of the most basic printing, namely:

  • • machine operator: operate the machine prints, engine performance, and maintenance.
  • • Staff Design: editing, design, and finishing material files to be printed so neat results.
  • • Finishing Staff: handle the final prints, such as cutting, folding, provide short-sighted, laminating, and other things that consumers want.

10. Screen Printing Supply In Printing Business Opportunities

In contrast to the digital printing, screen printing equipment has its own way and is quite different. Some of the equipment used for screen printing techniques, among others:

  • • Screen printing: the media filter media for screen printing inks.
  • • afdruk or drug emulsion
  • • Ink Prints
  • • Rakel
  • • Desk afdruk Sablon
  • • Removal of Soda Fire or Chlorine
  • • Desk screen printing, wood glue, ironing a shirt.
  • • Glycerin - lubricants for silk

11. Screen Printing Process In Printing Business Opportunities

Screen Printing Process In Printing Business Opportunities

Screen printing requires several steps in the process, which is listed on the points below:

  • • Using a screen printing machine to create a master mold.
  • • print or expose the master screen print
  • • Pouring screen printing ink on print media
  • • Ink encouraged to use Rakel to be leveled
  • • Screen printing is dried with ultraviolet light

12. Technical Excellence Sablon In Printing Business Opportunities

Screen printing technique is still very much in use today, especially for uniform shirts that are usually printed in large numbers.

From the start of the committee, jerseys for the event, the organization, and so inexhaustible make screen printing techniques into one business opportunity printing bright future.

Moreover, the results are fairly stable at a reasonable cost, highly flexible and used to print on a variety of media and materials.

13. Stages Operation Offset Printing Machine In Printing Business Opportunities

For offset printing machine that prints in large quantities, in brief stages are as follows:

  • • Prepare the entire engine unit from the start of entry, wetting, inking, printing, also preparing printing paper
  • • Installation of water on the rollers wetting unit
  • • Flatten offset inks with engines running
  • • To scale the rotation roller inkwell as needed
  • • Perform a test print try with color CMYK
  • • Printing starts

14. Always Accept Order In Printing Business Opportunities

In accordance with the type of printing you're in, try to always accept orders from customers. As much as possible do not refuse if it is still possible although it is hard done by your printing business.

If you feel the time is too short or too much order, you can cooperate with other stores, but never refused an order to improve the image of your company.

15. Printing Location In Printing Business Opportunities

Printing location is quite important, because it is getting close to people in need, the more you demand printing business.

For small-scale printing such as photocopying, the best is that is located close to the school or college, so it can have a variety of customers.

For digital printing and screen printing, it is good to set up shop in a crowded place and accessible to people, or near a place that is already famous as a sequence of screen printing or digital printing shop.

16. Minimize Losses and Errors In Printing Business Opportunities

Minimize Losses and Errors In Printing Business Opportunities

The main thing that can make a loss in the printing business is the waste of ink and materials due printout does not comply with consumer desires, or the print is immaculate and damaged.

To avoid this, you should first learn to minimize them by understanding the ins and outs of the machine, drafting films, thereby reducing poor printouts.

17. Opportunities Scattered Around You In Printing Business Opportunities

Printing business always has a chance, as long as you keep an eye and ear and fast motion in taking these opportunities.

Plenty hospitality and chatting with neighbors or people in the neighborhood where you live, so you'll know if there are relatives or neighbors who are getting married and need a printed invitation, or youth who are making a specific event and requires billboard printing, banners, etc. other.

18. Cost Calculation Results In Printing Business Opportunities

To calculate the cost of printing, there are three things you should take into account, namely the cost of materials such as ink, print media, as well as the cost of finishing to tidy the printout.

Printing costs are a combination of three such fees with the profits you want. If you also provide repair services design and delivery, then do not forget to include these costs in the total cost of printing.

19. Take advantage of Campaign Online In Printing Business Opportunities

In the era of the all this online, you certainly need to target online market fatherly printing business opportunities that you wake up.

Some of the following can you try to advertising in media online:

  • • Create a separate website, making it more reliable.
  • • Managing a website with various SEO articles that raise your web become number one in the search engines.
  • • Google Adwords, advertising media that works with google.

20. Always Opens New Insights In Printing Business Opportunities

Always Opens New Insights In Printing Business Opportunities

Of course in running a printing business you need to be constantly breaking new ground with a lot of hanging out and asking people who cultivate a similar business.

As well as how to better satisfy customers, how to keep the machine durable, maintaining good relations with the distributors of materials and machinery, and others.

Congrats on starting your own printing business, survivor benefit to tens of millions!

That's it 20 Guidelines for Successful Printing Business Opportunities hopeful help you that much. Do not forget to share this article link in social media you know maybe your friends or followers is in need. Share your opinion on this article in the comments sections, thanks for the share and comments :)

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