20 Ways for Success in Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

20 Ways for Success in Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities - Being thought of buying a car but want to take advantage of car do you have? Try to open up business opportunities as a car rental agency or business using a pick-up car. 

For rental car you can use the new car so that customers are more comfortable to wear, while the pick-up you can use any car rear a flatbed.

1. Different Types of Pick-Up Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Different Types of Pick-Up Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

To start a business using the auto pick-up, a wide selection of cars already waiting for you, such as Suzuki Futura, Mitsubishi Colt L300, Gran Max, Tata Super Ace, and Toyota Hilux. 

Depending on the need for what the car pick-up will be used, you can select it based on each machine specifications and price according to the budget that you will spend.

2. Adjust Budget Needs In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Of course, you need capital to buy the first one car.

  • • If you have a budget of less than 100 million, it is better to buy a car Suzuki Futura or L300. With the cost is not too big, but spacious enough tub section, has a large capacity, as well as a pretty good machine.
  • • But if you want better, it's good to choose a Daihatsu Gran Max, which costs a bit higher, which is about 112-114 million, but the sinks broader and may strike the flood water.
  • • If your budget is more than 190 million rupiah, maybe you can pick Toyota Hillux, which is more elite with more features than others.

3. Buying a Used Pick-Up Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Do not need a new car, second hand car was good enough to start a business. Moreover, the price is certainly cheaper so as to relieve the capital that you need to spend. 

However, it must not cost, please note the following when buying a second car pick-up:

  • • Ensure that the tub in a state car and straight.
  • • Pay attention to detail and the tap-tap on the head car. Be sure not a polished result of earlier collision.
  • • Check the engine and the clutch is still working well and smoothly.
  • • pickup truck with diesel fuel will be cheaper to maintain and more powerful in transporting heavy goods
  • • Look like a car whether it has been dented or still smooth.

4. Getting Know Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Business opportunities scattered pickup from the start to the small industrial sector towards medium enterprises (SMEs). 

For example just like a freight goods, selling grocery items, selling clothes, food ranging from porridge to know round, and beverages such as ice cream.

5. Employees That You Need In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Employees That You Need In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

You will need the employees that will help your business succeed car pick-up, there were at least three elements that you need, the driver is responsible operate direct automobile, automobile technician for maintenance, as well as employees who are assigned to manage the order and payment. 

The division of tasks is done so that later you are not too overwhelmed in managing this business.

6. Pick-up Car Care In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Of course, if the car is more durable and can be used in the long term, you need to perform car maintenance. The following three things it seems simple enough to treat the car pick-up:

  • • Replace Oil Routinely: generally conducted every car has come a 3000-5000 kilometers. Select the oil in accordance with the needs of the machine.
  • • Check the radiator fluid: Do not empty because it can damage the engine due to overheating, thus endangering the driver who was driving.
  • • Clean Filter Carburizing: if this part is dirty, then that will happen is a difficult machine is turned Avoid using a hairdryer or a compressor, otherwise use a manual toothbrush to clean the dirt.

7. Expenses Maximum In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Remember, although the pick-up is intended for transporting heavy goods, it is still the car to have maximum load that can be accommodated by car tub. 

In general, the maximum load the car is in the range of 700-1000 kg, depending on the car you have. To be more precise, you can ask for specification car when bought, so you can estimate what goods are transported roughly strong car and not damage the car.

8. Wash Car Properly In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

If you wash your car of any kind, it is better not to use river water, this will cause the paint is peeling because the contents in unfiltered river water clean. 

Also, do not wash your car using soap, you'll want to invest money on car shampoo than to repaint the car because of damaged washed using a dab of soap. Frequently wash the car for a day course after used car can be dusty and dull.

9. Goods Transport Services With Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Goods Transport Services With Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

One of the benefits of the most widely obtained from having a car pick-up is that it can be used for the transport of goods services business opportunities for those who need a home relocation or when people buy new furniture to be transported by pick-up truck. 

This business opportunity is perfect for you who have their own furniture store or you are willing to work with a particular store.

10. Grocery Sales From Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Grocery items household goods ranging from brooms, pans, buckets, and other cooking utensils are often sold using auto pick-up, the reason the room is spacious enough to put the goods to sell, so that the goods are sold even more complete and can meet the needs of consumers.

11. Distribution of Vegetable and Fruit From Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

One of the other business opportunities that can be done with the car pick-up capital is to distribute a variety of vegetables and fruits from the source to the small traders in the shop or in the marketplace. 

Although seem trivial, but a pick-up can certainly carry very many vegetables and fruits. Another plus is the car is not burdened with too heavy so it is more durable and easier to maintain.

12. Sell Clothes from Pick-Up Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Selling clothes on top of the car like pick-up is also quite interesting. Because the clothes become more highly visible from the ground, so it will be clearly visible by the visitors and clothing materials were not easily stained with dust from the ground. 

Quite a lot of businessmen who are now using the car pick-up to sell clothing for reasons of practicality and thus no longer open stalls and prepare to hang a variety of clothes.

13. Selling Round Tofu Cooked From Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Selling Round Tofu Cooked From Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

With the growing creativity of society, now the car pick-up was popular to be used as tools to sell out round tofu directly cooked on the stove is placed on the car pick-up. 

If the first out round tofu mostly cooked in a cart and then allowed to stand for a long time before anyone buying, selling out round tofu enough to unleash the buyer because it knows will be given while still warm and the shape was perfectly spherical.

14. Selling Drinks From Pick Up-Car In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Not only out round, the drinks are sold using auto pick-up was quite interesting to be a business opportunity. 

The drinks are usually sold include itinerant ice cream cone ice also durian. Because it is so easy to move, then the food business opportunities drink dams can reach a lot of consumers.

15. Transporting Passengers In Number of Lots In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

In some areas, car pick-up is still being used to transport passengers in large quantities in parts of the sinks. 

Although quite effective, but should pick-up is not used to this if the mileage is pretty much because of course the passengers will feel sore when I had to sit in the tub, is also quite dangerous for children.

16. Promote good as the Maybe In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

To improve the effectiveness of a pick-up, of course, you can do a variety of ways to promote it to people in need. One way is to distribute flyers on the street or online create a customized website that shows the car rental pick-up you have. 

By doing so, more and more orders from customers that the car was utilized to the fullest. Do not underestimated because the promotion of mouth are quite efficient and economical.

17. Cooperation with Other Companies In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Cooperation with Other Companies In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

If it is a pick-up you are still not exploited to the maximum, you can also join the online transport service that also offers services of transport of goods using a pick-up. This will increase your chance to take advantage of car you have.

18. Rent With Selling Price In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Typically, a pick-up used for the transfer will be leased at a cost of about 150-200 thousand rupiah a day, it is usually included driver and gasoline. 

Of course, that your business has a lot of customers, you must first conduct a survey to various rivals close in your area and post selling prices, favorable both to you and in the eyes of customers.

19. Do not Forget to Pay Tax In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Each prized possessions that you have to have taxes must be paid on an annual basis. 

Therefore, do not forget to pay their taxes, so that the pick-up car business you are not disturbed by the payment of tax which could be detrimental.

20. Starting From Now and Keep Trying Never Surrender In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Starting From Now and Keep Trying Never Surrender In Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities

Once you decide to start a business with car pick-up, continue to take advantage of the car as much as possible. 

Try to keep taking care of such explanation has been mentioned, so if you want to resell, the car still has a high price. Or if not sold have a longer lifetime.

That's 20 Ways for Success in Pick-Up Car Business Opportunities. Interested in doing? Let's prepare now!

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