20 Ways Success In Laundry Business Opportunities

20 Ways Success On Laundry Business Opportunities - Laundry business opportunity is suitable for you who live in a residential area or near with boarding houses.

In the era of increasingly busy, not many people have time to wash his own clothes, or a variety of materials in the home such as bed covers, carpets, curtains and bed linens are quite laborious if you have washed yourself.

Seeing the opportunity, is an interesting thing to open a laundry business opportunities. But should you pay attention to the following points before starting a business:

1. In Laundry Business Opportunities Place Can Start from Home

In Laundry Business Opportunities Place Can Start from Home

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The location is one of the most important things to bring up a laundry business. You can just start it from inside the house, opened a little place to receive the clothes or others that need washing.

Typically, the housing kilogram laundry business is also very popular, especially in a place that is crowded by people working or student, which is the time limited for washing.

If you are less supportive home environment, then you can think of solutions other locations such as in front of the crowded people minimarket.

2. Research Price Is Needed In Laundry Business Opportunities

With many various business outlets kilogram washing laundry and, of course, first you need to do a little research so that later the price of laundry business you can compete.

At least do some research on the 5th place nearest to your location will open outlets. Have paper which is usually used as a laundry bill contained the whole price. From there you can begin to estimate the price that will be installed later.

3. Prepare Money To Take Laundry Business Opportunities

Capital is not the most important thing in starting a business, the most important is a strong will from within yourself. If you already have a strong will, the capital can be sought from everywhere.

You can only use personal property or mortgage while some valuables, or borrowing from relatives, even submitted to the bank. This capital will be used to buy laundry equipment.

4. Laundry Equipment Needed in Laundry Business Opportunities

Of course, after getting enough capital, you need a bit of shopping or taking credit for a variety of laundry equipment. At least, if the business is very new beginning, you need the following three items:

  • • Marking machine: To label the clothes in order to distinguish from each other when washed
  • • Washing machine: Washing machine to wash clothes
  • • Drying Tumbler: For drying clothes instantly

5. Additional Equipment Laundry Needed in Laundry Business Opportunities

In addition to large equipment, of course, there are some additional equipment that can be used to support the activities of laundry, such as trolley to hold dirty clothes, scales (for washing kilogram), fragrances, irons, ironing boards, buckets, hangers (hanger), shelves for storing clothes clean, clean clothes and plastic.

6. Materials For Laundry Washing Needed In Laundry Business Opportunities

Materials For Laundry Washing Needed In Laundry Business Opportunities

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In addition to a wide range of equipment, of course, necessary ingredients to wash, because the water is not enough to remove stains on the material. The materials needed for the laundry business, among others:

  • • Water: note the content of water for washing. It's good to do a filter in advance so that the content of magnesium and calcium is lost so it does not damage the engine.
  • • Soap and detergent: removes spots and stains clothing. Detergent can consist of nobla, clax, and hamix.
  • • Cygnet sour: eliminating odor soap when flushing.
  • • Softener: as a deodorizer.
  • • Whitening (bleaching agent): For white ingredients to make it look clean.
  • • Spot removing agent: to remove the stains do not disappear washed with detergent.

7. Dry Cleaning Equipment Needed in Laundry Business Opportunities

Usually by opening a laundry business, automatic dry cleaning are also included. Because of the way the dry wash laundry is a little different, then there is different equipment, such as:

  • • Dry Cleaning Machine: it consists of a separate unit with a cold engine and hot dryer unit combined with a dryer
  • • Utility Wool Press: Smoothing pants leg
  • • Pant Topper: Smoothing the top of the pants, suits, shirts, back
  • • Form Finisher: to smooth blouse, shirt, dress and jacket
  • • Press Unit Silk: for garments made from silk
  • Good utility press, pant topper, form finisher, and silk press unit is part of the dryer on dry cleaning.

8. Wash Materials To Dry Cleaning Needed in Laundry Business Opportunities

For dry cleaning, wash materials are also a bit different from the usual laundry, namely:

  • • Petroleum solvent: Can eliminate substances can damage clothing
  • • Synthetic solvent: carbon tetrachloride, trichlorethylene, and percloroetilen. Solvent perchlorethylene is the best kind and safer than petroleum solvent.
  • • Powder Filter / Filter Powder
  • • Activated Carbon

9. Type Stains on Dirty Clothes and How to Overcome It Needed To Pay Attention in Laundry Business Opportunities

Turns out various stains have different handling laundry on-site, such as:

  • • Oils, Fats, Paraffin. Not water soluble, must be reconstituted with dry cleaning solvent.
  • • Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Sauce. After washing with water.
  • • Dust, Sand. Not miscible with water or solvent. Should be issued with a bang.
  • • Ink, glue, paint. Should be cleaned with special cleaning stains.

10. Type Yarns Clothing In Laundry Business Opportunities

There are three types of yarns of different ways and the washing should be addressed:

  • • natural or synthetic fiber yarn
  • • Weaving: multiple / variable, weak / strong
  • • Color: are waterproof and dry cleaning.

11. Business Marketing In Laundry Business Opportunities

Business Marketing In Laundry Business Opportunities

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After all the equipment and materials is enough to start a business, then the next thing you need to do is to market it aggressively this effort. In this modern era of internet presence would greatly assist you in marketing efforts.

Spread the announcement in the neighbor group, or paste it on the notice board of RT after prior permission. Spread the word of mouth anyway so more people interested.

12. Provide Discounts Early In Laundry Business Opportunities

To attract customers, you can also try giving discounts during the first few months. For example a 10% discount or 20%, so a bit cheaper than other places. It is usually effective enough to attract customers.

13. Maximum Service In Laundry Business Opportunities

The thing that will make customers come back again and again is the maximum service of you and all employees. So do not ever put a tired face or scowl when serving customers.

14. Employee Recruitment In Laundry Business Opportunities

If at the beginning of your efforts are not so hassles, you should not need to hire employees first. You do it all over backwards to a time when you start too tired then trying to recruit an employee whose performance is good.

15. Time Is Money In Laundry Business Opportunities

Because it deals with something that is used everyday in the form of clothes, of course, every customer wants fast service. Hence, in the laundry business opportunities, time is money. You can make this as an opportunity to raise prices if customers want faster processing.

For example normally wash clothes price per kilo is 1$ and completed within 3 days. If you wish to be completed in a single day, try to offer a higher price, for example, 2$.

16. Offer Iron Services In Laundry Business Opportunities

Offer Iron Services In Laundry Business Opportunities

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Some houses or boarding houses may already full enough with the presence of a washing machine, so no need to bother washing.

But often people too lazy to iron the clothes are dry. It can be a business opportunity for you to offer services without washing hair.

17. Maintenance Washing Machines In Laundry Business Opportunities

Washing machines are used almost every day in the high frequencies also require maintenance that are not easily damaged. Some things you can do include:

  • • Do not put too many clothes
  • • Do not use too much detergent
  • • No need to clean the filter
  • • Do not leave clothes in the washer too long

18. Offer Shuttle Service Apparel In Laundry Business Opportunities

If you want a broad market coverage, try to offer a shuttle service between the dirty clothes and clothes that are clean. By doing so, the location becomes a matter that do not matter.

19. Note Waste Laundry You Must Concern In Laundry Business Opportunities

Because it will use a variety of chemicals that can pollute the environment if disposed of in large quantities, you should also find out how to dispose of laundry in accordance with local government regulations.

20. Starting From Now To Take Laundry Business Opportunities

Starting From Now To Take Laundry Business Opportunities

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No business will be successful if only imagined. Well, now you've know various ins and outs of business opportunities laundry, let's start moving and realize your dream business with a turnover of millions of rupiah per month.

That's it 20 Ways Success In Laundry Business Opportunities. Do not forget to share this article link in social media you know maybe your friends or followers is in need. Share your opinion on this article in the comments sections, thanks for the share and comments :)

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