20 Best Seller Ice Business Opportunities Home Based & Small Capital

20 Best Seller Ice Business Opportunities Home Based & Small Capital - Enterprises assorted ice is interesting especially in Indonesia country often scorching heat of the sun.

Here are 20 kinds of ice business opportunities that can be started from home:

1. Fried Ice Cream Business Opportunities

Fried Ice Cream Business Opportunities

But fried ice cream? What does not melt? Of course not, because the manufacturing process is quite easy, too. First of all ice cream covered with flour, then immediately put into the hot oil and fried in deepfry.

As a result, the flour will be tasteful outside with a touch of cool ice cream and sweet on the inside. Fried ice cream into a business opportunity of ice that started loved teenagers.

A trader fried ice cream small scale claimed to be able to get a turnover of around 60 $ per day.

2. Ice Mix Business Opportunities

Ice Mix Business Opportunities

Ice mixed with various kinds of fruit in it is to be one right choice in the afternoon heat. Ice mix is ​​also usually served with syrup or condensed milk so delicious and fresh taste in the throat.

Sold for 1 - 1,5 $ per portion, an entrepreneur mixed ice can reach a turnover of up to 100 $ per day or even more. Just keep in mind the freshness of fruits are used as ingredients mixed ice.

3. Ice Lolly or Popsicle Business Opportunities

Ice Lolly or Popsicle Business Opportunities

Ice lolly in the English language named after the popsicle. This ice can be made from their own home, with the main ingredient of water.

You can use any beverage powders to make ice candles, but usually to attract buyers, popsicles sold with bright colors that attract buyers. Capital you need is an ice plastic or wooden sticks for ice, water, and various powdered drinks depending on your taste.

Sale price with 0,5 - 1 $, this business promising maximum profit.

4. Sweet Iced Tea Business Opportunities

Sweet Iced Tea Business Opportunities

Sweet iced tea has become a soothing refreshment since of us in school. It seemed no one was willing to abandon cold sweet tea mixed with ice on a hot day.

Sweet iced tea is also one example of the ice business opportunities that attracted many people. Besides rarely left its products, turnover was good enough for small to medium sized merchants.

5. Ice Orange Business Opportunities

Ice Orange Business Opportunities

Sweet and sour orange ice will give the sensation of fresh and cool while your intake of vitamin C in it anyway. Orange ice business is also quite profitable.

With bright orange and ice, you can achieve maximum profit with the price of a glass of ice for 0,6 - 1 $.

6. "Es Puter" Ice Cream From Coconut Milk Business Opportunities

"Es Puter" Ice Cream From Coconut Milk Business Opportunities

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Ice cream made from coconut milk and savory taste is indeed very familiar in the tongue of the people of Indonesia. Other names are ice dungdung, because traders usually have a club that will sound when hit dung-dung.

Business es puter despite longstanding, but still interesting. Little capital, a turnover of approximately 5 months with a net profit of 80 $ per month.

7. Ice Cream Home Based Business Opportunities

Ice Cream Home Based Business Opportunities

Ever tried himself to make ice cream at home? In addition to better and fresher taste, of course, very little capital can be a fruitful multilevel many advantages.

Home ice cream business is also quite popular because of the turnover is quite tempting. The tip is only one, that continue to innovate to create new flavors of ice cream that can make consumers tongue sway.

8. Ice Cendol Business Opportunities

Ice Cendol Business Opportunities

This cold drink made from flour with coconut milk and pandan and given sugar and ice is indeed very tempting during the summertime. Therefore, there is always a merchant who sells baklava anywhere in Java over the place crowded.

Business opportunities that the ice is also quite profitable, as a trader cendol in Blitar Indonesia which can generate tens of hundreds dollars by selling cendol.

9. Ice Grass Jelly With Red Beans Business Opportunities

Ice Grass Jelly With Red Beans Business Opportunities

Grass jelly ice is common, but what if the grass jelly ice combined with red beans?

Inspired from a wide variety of ice in Korea that use red beans as an additional ingredient, ice grass jelly beans now becoming popular in Indonesia.

Moreover, not many businesses are interested in developing business opportunities of ice on this one though prospects are quite bright.

10. Iced Coffee Business Opportunities

Iced Coffee Business Opportunities

Drinking coffee does not have to always be brewed with warm water. Try eating freshness drink coffee with coffee ice.

Iced coffee outlets have now been opened to increase your energy before work or during the day when energy begins to fall. Iced coffee business is certainly has a large market share, because of start the office up to the taxi drivers usually need coffee.

11. Ice Goyobod Business Opportunities

Ice Goyobod Business Opportunities

Ice goyobod may sound familiar to those of you who do not live in Java Indonesia. Ice is similar to ice mix, but has a main ingredient called hunkwe, namely red bean paste that is made of jelly.

The ice is quite refreshing anyway during the day if taken cold-cold. Ice goyobod business opportunities is quite good, as the seller es goyobod at Jl. Kliningan Bandung Indonesia to achieve a turnover of 5000-6000 $ per month.

12. Ice Mambo Lembang Indonesia Business Opportunities

Ice Mambo Lembang Indonesia Business Opportunities

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You must have a happy childhood if ever drank ice mambo which normally have a taste of tea and green beans or syrup. Mambo ice made in the ice long plastic and frozen for at least one night.

Ice mambo usually sold at a price of 0,3 -0,6 $, but if you sell in a crowded place by the children, of course, will be sold at noon.

13. Ice Oyen Business Opportunities

Ice Oyen Business Opportunities

Oyen ice ice mix is ​​original Bandung red green yellow. Red from henna china, from jackfruit yellow, and green of the avocado. Added sweetened condensed milk, ice Oyen strongly favors enjoyed during the day.

One bowl of ice Oyen valued around 1 - 1,5 $, the prices were quite high because the demand was quite a lot.

14. Ice Durian Business Opportunities

Ice Durian Business Opportunities

Durian lovers in the world may come from the country of Indonesia. Durian ice business in this country also feels never-ending.

Indeed, the price of the original durian ice with durian flesh rather expensive, so it will make a profit is high and can reach tens of millions per month.

15. Ice Young Coconut Business Opportunities

Ice Young Coconut Business Opportunities

Coconuts are always there in every season it is very appropriate to accompany a hot day, the young coconut is found on the coast.

But not one anyway if you open a coconut ice business opportunities in urban areas. With the price of 0,4 -1 $ per glass, of course, very much turnover you can get.

16. Frozen Yogurt Business Opportunities

Frozen Yogurt Business Opportunities

Frozen yogurt that has now become the trend of healthy lifestyles in urban areas. Frozen yogurt or ice yogurt can usually be added to a variety of sweet or fresh toppings.

The price is quite high as well to make this business has a high turnover anyway even for beginners. Moreover, not many people develop it in the cottage industry.

17. Ice Green Banana Business Opportunities

Ice Green Banana Business Opportunities

Ice which comes from Napier is equally a good chance for the size of the ice business. If you already have a lot of outlets, turnover you generate can reach billions of rupiah as a merchant ice green bananas in Lombok Indonesia.

18. Ice Fruit Business Opportunities

Ice Fruit Business Opportunities

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Iced fruit is not dead, like for example fruit ice arrowroot rays which now has branches in every region.

If you want to try the fruit ice business opportunities, it is worth observing light fruit ice arrowroot, modification, and imitate persistence arrowroot until the famous brand rays throughout the archipelago.

19. Ice Oreo Milk Cheese Business Opportunities

Ice Oreo Milk Cheese Business Opportunities

Oreo sweet taste combined with the savory cheese and ice cold? Hmm, anyone would want to try ya.

It has not been too many who undergo ice business opportunities this one, but of course it can be a distinct advantage for you.

20. Ice Podeng Business Opportunities

Ice Podeng Business Opportunities

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Ice Podeng is a combination of ice doger fruit and ice. Ice milk with sticky rice, avocado, and various other content also offers a business opportunity that appeals to you.

That was 20 Best Seller Ice Business Opportunities Home Based & Small Capital. Have began to occur to want to start from which one? Let's move! Because no business is generating if only thought alone.

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