20 Guidelines for Successful Goat Business Opportunities

20 Guidelines for Successful Goat Business Opportunities - As one of the many meat sold as sacrificial feast day arrived, goat raising can be profitable for those who want to start.

However, notice first 20 following for goat raising more advanced.

1. Getting Know Goat Business Opportunities

Getting Know Goat Business Opportunity

In Indonesia, the consumption of goat meat is still relatively small, approximately 5% of the overall consumption of meat. This value is still inferior to the amount of chicken or beef for human consumption.

However, the market demand for goats is increasing every year and can be quite high. Especially on the feast of Eid Qurban as people who have not been able to sacrifice the cow would normally buy a goat for sacrifice. Goats also be one of the meal that is typical at weddings and also aqiqah newborn child.

Not to mention the goat market that could include a restaurant, a satay stall, the total may reach tens of million birds per year needs goats.

2. Starting a Profiting Goat Business Opportunities

Interestingly enough goat raising undertaken, especially with a variety of the following advantages:

  • • Sources of adequate family income
  • • Sources of organic fertilizer free of feces and urine of goats
  • • Body weight is smaller than or buffalo cows, making it more economical.
  • • No complicated determine feed

3. Goats Meat Nutrition In Goat Business Opportunities

Goat meat has a variety of nutrients that are good for the body. According to data from nutritiondata.com, 100 grams of mutton, you will get:

  • • 234 calories
  • • 11 grams of fat (about 17% meet the needs of daily fat)
  • • 5 grams of saturated fat
  • • 109 mg of cholesterol (36% meet the needs of daily cholesterol)
  • • 135 mg sodium

4. Efficacy Goat Meat In Goat Business Opportunities

According to medical data, a human should intake by 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. For example you weigh 50 kg, then at least you need 50 grams of protein each day. 

Goat meat is a source of animal protein is very good to meet human needs, as have various properties below:

  • • As a source of protein and energy sources
  • • Good for the formation of muscle in the human body
  • • Prevent Blood deficiency (anemia)
  • • Increase the body's immune system
  • • Maintain a healthy nervous system
  • • Increase levels of good cholesterol (HDL)

5. Goat Milk Benefits In Goat Business Opportunities

Goat's milk, although not as much as cow's milk consume, but it has various compounds that are good for health, such as:

  • • Substance zinc (Zn): good for the immune system
  • • Substance fluorine and beta-casein: help overcome lung diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia.
  • • Potassium: either to maintain cardiovascular health
  • • Cynokobalamin: can increase hemoglobin and anemia patients with dengue fever
  • • Calcium: strengthens bones
  • • MCT (medium chain trygliseride)
  • • Sulfur methionine, riboflavin (vitamin B2): for brain health

6. Parent Seed Selection In Goat Business Opportunities

Parent Seed Selection In Goat Business Opportunity

For breeding goats, of course, spawn should have the best chance of success livestock so that the level is high. 

The following points need to be considered to select seeds goat superior:

  • • Coming from an area that was free from contagious animal diseases
  • • Past medical examination, particularly free of brucellosis
  • • good physical condition, free of defects in the eyes, crippled, lame, broken horns, spine abnormalities, or other forms of disability

7. Selection of Goats Cages In Goat Business Opportunities

As a place to stay goats in the afternoon and evening, try cattle enclosures provide comfort for you. 

For the most good, you can choose the option cage-type stage that the raw material can be obtained economically but technically qualified. It may be advisable to separate the cage enclosure goat pen colony with a newborn.

8. Determine Location Cages In Goat Business Opportunities

The following points need to consider in choosing a location for flocks:

  • • Do not obstructed shade trees, sunlight to enter the cage.
  • • The availability of sources of supply feeding the goats
  • • Social factors: the receipt and clearance from surrounding communities
  • • Close of place marketing
  • • Do not violate any applicable laws

9. Types of Cages In Goat Business Opportunities

As an initial knowledge you for raising goats, there are several types of enclosures for goats, namely:

  • • Individual Livestock Coop: measuring 0,7 m x 1,5 m, for fattening goats
  • • Livestock Coop Childbirth and Breastfeeding: 1.5 x 1.5 m.
  • • Livestock Cages Colonies: for goats aged 3-7 months, the extent of 0.5 to 0.75 m2
  • • Cage Stage: a pit so that the dirt easily cleaned
  • • Cage Floor 

10. Feed and Water In Goat Business Opportunities

To raise goats, of course, necessary that sufficient nutrients daily. Goats are herbivores that can consume grasses, legumes, remains of agricultural produce and a variety of foliage. 

But for the farm, you'll want to add additional mineral so the goat maximum growth. In the goat barn, also provide drinking water is not limited, so the goats are never short of water.

11. Supplementary Feeding Goats In Goat Business Opportunities

Supplementary Feeding Goats In Goat Business Opportunity

Besides foliage becomes the main meal of goat, there are also additional feed that big fast goat meat. If you want to mix their own feed for goats, you can use the following calculation:

  • • Give a goat food additive weighing 3 kg per day.
  • • The food can be a mixture of 40% pulp, 20% cassava and 40% rice bran.
  • • For goats that were mated, give feed additional amplifier.

12. Medicine In Goat Business Opportunities

In order to maintain the health of a goat ranch, certainly needed drugs which counteract the cattle from various kinds of diseases, few things to note:

  • • The medicine consists of animal biologic drugs, premix, pharmaceutical and natural medicines.
  • • The medicine already has a registration number at the Food and Drug Administration.
  • • Do not leave hard drugs without medical supervision of animal health personnel.

13. Recording of Data Ram In Goat Business Opportunities

Obviously with raising goats, there are quite a lot of goats that must be considered. 

To facilitate the search or searches pedigree goats, it helps you perform data recording with books simple registration containing the mother goat, data of birth such as weight, sex, date, recording the process of weaning, marriage, date of birth, sickness if any, and mutation. 

These data will be useful to improve the quality of livestock.

14. Goats Ready for Marriage How To Handle It In Goat Business Opportunities

For raising goats, is extremely important time of mating male and female goats. 

Time marriages can begin when the goat had entered time to mating, the sex mature around the age of 8 months, as well as the body of an adult at the age of 10-12 months for female goats and more than 12 months for goats.

15. The process of marriage Goats In Goat Business Opportunities

1,5-old male goat three years later merged with several female goats that have been aged 10-12 months in a cage. One male goat can fertilize female goats up to 3-4 per week. 

To increase libido goats, required intensive care such as adequate food, medicine healthfully sheep and goats passion enhancing drugs.

16. Care Baby Goat In Goat Business Opportunities

Care Baby Goat In Goat Business Opportunity

One goat can contain 1-2 kid, and once born, the children of these goats will require a parent to get milk. If possible, you as a farmer should know which pairs of mothers and their goats. 

During one week after giving birth, a female goat will produce goat's milk contains colostrum. Colostrum is essential consumed by goats newborn as antibodies body is still fragile.

17. Alternative Nutrition For Baby Goat In Goat Business Opportunities

In some cases, new-born kid who does not want to suckle at the mother.

 If this happens, do not worry because there are other alternatives, namely by give 250-500 mL cow's milk or powdered milk mixed with 1 tsp of fish oil, 1 egg and 1 tablespoon sugar. Give as much as 3-4 times to meet the nutrition for the newborn goats.

18. Harvest Goat In Goat Business Opportunities

Goats will be ready for sale when old enough and roughly the weight of his body will not grow again. 

On average, the goats will go on sale at the age of 1-1.5 years, because at times it is very ideal body condition and the meat was already quite thick.

19. Goat Waste Utilization In Goat Business Opportunities

Although the cause odor, it turned goat manure can be fit useful, such as feces and urine can be used as organic fertilizer. Goat manure in the form of feces can be directly used as fertilizer. 

While the goat urine must first be treated with some mixtures such as:

  • • Drops sugarcane (molasses) 750 mL
  • • rhizome of ginger, turmeric, or temuireng 5kg
  • • fermenter in the form of bacteria Bacillus and R. Azobacter by 250 mL
  • Overall the material can be used to treat 150 L of urine goats into useful liquid fertilizer for plants.

20. Reduce Odor In Cages In Goat Business Opportunities

Reduce Odor In Cages In Goat Business Opportunity

The smell of goats can not be avoided if you maintain it as livestock. However, other odors coming from the goat manure can be reduced if you know how. 

For example, by building cages optimal, with height 40-50 cm for cage stage, feeding is not excessive and feed residue directly discharged so as not to cause odor, has its own waste disposal, or use the deodorizing formula that is safe for goats.

That's 20 Guidelines for Successful Goat Business Opportunities hope helpful for you. Ready not, grossed a turnover of tens of millions by raising goats? Let's begin now.

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