20 Beverage Business Opportunities Proved Success With Small Capital

Beverage business opportunities is endless. Especially on a hot day, all such people feel the need to buy something cool and fresh to wet the throat.

Some examples of these beverages may be a great business opportunity for those who are just starting out in the business world drinks. Let us refer to any kind of liquor.

1. Bubble Drink with Various Flavors Beverage Business Opportunities

Bubble Drink with Various Flavors Beverage Business Opportunities

Drinks with a black bubble in it has long existed, but with the opening of various stores Cha Time in Indonesia, a drink with this bubble back again popular and many people open small businesses to drink bubble.

Various flavors can be chosen by consumers, because the average bubble made from tapioca starch and gelatin are suitable to be presented along with a variety of flavors, ranging from milk tea to taste contemporary such as taro and greentea.

Perfect if you open the bubble beverage outlets in the school cafeteria or campus crowded during the lunch hour. With sales of 1$ per glass, in one month you can achieve a turnover of up to 900$. Quite interesting, is not it?

2. Capuccino Grass Jelly Beverage Business Opportunities

Capuccino Grass Jelly Beverage Business Opportunities

Beverages grass jelly with brown sugar was used. However, grass jelly combined with a sense of modern drinks like cappuccino and vanilla latte? Wow, this is a breakthrough that is worth trying when starting a business drinks.

Grass Jelly shredded into small slices which easily fit a straw is usually sold at a price of 0,5 to 0,7 $ per glass. A trader capucino grass jelly claiming they can reap the benefits of up to 300$ per month.

3. Pull Tea Beverage Business Opportunities

Pull Tea Beverage Business Opportunities

Pull Tea origins from Malaysia it is a combination of tea and milk are blended in a manner repeatedly poured in two cups until frothy and the temperature cools. Pull Tea is actually derived from the neighboring country, but lately also in great demand by the people in the world.

Due to increasing demand, pull the tea business is quite promising. With the capital that is not too much, a tea merchant attraction that now has three outlets can rake in a turnover of around 10.000 $ per month.

4. Greentea Matcha and Ocha Beverage Business Opportunities

Greentea Matcha and Ocha Beverage Business Opportunities

The students never find merchants beverages usually consists of three kinds, namely Greentea, taro, and milk tea. This drink is made from a powder that is mixed with sugar, milk, water and ice so very refreshing to drink during the day.

This type of drink is being popular among young people, the fruit of stores can achieve a turnover in a short time with the advantage of reaching 500 $ per month. So for those of you who are young and want to do business among young people, the right choice is not it?

5. Sugarcane Juice Beverage Business Opportunities

Sugarcane Juice Beverage Business Opportunities

More and more people also began to pay more attention to the health of not drinking too many sugary drinks.

One alternative option is sugarcane juice that is already naturally sweet. Sugarcane also contain antioxidants that are good for counteracting free radicals in the body.

To start a business cane, just needed wringer cane and glasses as well as materials such as sugarcane lasting up to a week after the cut as well as a little ice for refreshing on a hot afternoon.

6. Sweet Tea Beverage Business Opportunities

Sweet Tea Beverage Business Opportunities

Perhaps no people in the world who during his school years had never tried to drink sweet tea with ice commonly purchased after school. Until now, it feels sweet tea is still the star in the beverage business.

With a price of around 0,3 - 0,5 $ per glass, a sweet tea business can reap a turnover of up to 600 $ per month.

7. Pisang Ijo Green Banana Beverage Business Opportunities

Pisang Ijo Green Banana Beverage Business Opportunities

Pisang Ijo green banana an original drink that comes from Makassar Indonesia. Usually served with gruel and sweet syrup thereby making it a healthy and nutritious snack.

A mother in Lombok Indonesia named Riezka Rahmatina which has been in business enterprises green bananas since 2008, now has hundreds of outlets with a turnover of around 10 million per month. Provided that served banana quality and still in a fresh state, business green bananas is indeed very bright prospects.

8. Fresh Fruit Juice Drinks Beverage Business Opportunities

Fresh Fruit Juice Drinks Beverage Business Opportunities

Directly blended fruit juices in place so that more fresh and natural is better than juice produced by the manufacturer, because no preservatives anyway. Fresh fruit juice business already penetrated many in housing projects.

With a small booth or room measuring 3x3 meters, you can start a fruit juice business. In big cities, a glass of fruit juice of about 0,7 - 12 $ appreciated. Usually the most expensive prices for fruit which is expensive, or if consumers want to mix the fruit with other fruits.

9. Ice Dawet Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice Dawet Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice dawet originating from Central Java Indonesia is also a business opportunity drinks were quite promising. A businessman ice dawet in Sumatra, had a net gain from selling ice dawet's original Banjarnegara up to approximately 250$ per month, already cut operational costs and salaries of employees. Interesting, huh?

10. Cincau Grass Jelly Drink Beverage Business Opportunities

Cincau Grass Jelly Drink Beverage Business Opportunities

Grass jelly grass jelly made from the leaves of this does look very refreshing on a hot day, with a dark green color and a variety of other colors of syrup or sugar attached to them.

A trader claiming to have raked grass jelly wagon turnover of up to 200 $ per month in 2016, indicating that there are still many enthusiasts Cincau in this country, although it appears more modern grass jelly business as well as grass jelly capuccino.

11. Ice Teler Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice Teler Beverage Business Opportunities

One of the outlets of the most famous ice jazzed in Indonesia is 77. Had the ice jazzed has about 180 outlets in Indonesia, ice jazzed is the meal that is very fitting especially for Iftar or during a hot day.

With ingredients that can be obtained locally, the business was a lot of ice jazzed help local farmers who planted ingredients for ice jazzed.

12. Ice Cream Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice Cream Beverage Business Opportunities

Not only that now sold out round using a truck, ice cream was already being sold using a pickup.

Sold at a price of 0,5 - 1 $ rupiah cone for small and larger, in the land of the ice cream around the world is quite salable in the summertime.

13. Ice Doger Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice Doger Beverage Business Opportunities

The mix of ice cream, pacar cina, fermented sweet cassava, sticky rice, bread and sweetened condensed milk this one is hard to resist.

If you start this business when you're not going to need a lot of costs, and can result in a gain of about 200 $ per month.

14. Cold Coffee Beverage Business Opportunities

Cold Coffee Beverage Business Opportunities

For busy office workers, drinking coffee in the morning became a routine that can not be abandoned. Enterprises coffee drink was very precise opened in the morning with a strategic location close to a crowded place.

Moreover, now also have started mushrooming cafés young people who provide internet and good coffee so as to close the day perfectly.

15. Ice Piece Singapore Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice Piece Singapore Beverage Business Opportunities

Ice pieces had already begun growing since many years ago, but until now there is the seller, and the seller usually has also been getting old for selling of youth.

However, the ice piece never loses devotees, especially the 90's generation who are very familiar with a variety of tastes, such as coconut, avocado, chocolate, and others.

16. Various Processed Durian Drinks Beverage Business Opportunities

Various Processed Durian Drinks Beverage Business Opportunities

There are two kinds of people in this world, who really like durian, and who did not hold even just to smell it. This seasonal fruit which is much sought after lover when durian season comes.

A variety of drinks ranging from durian durian ice until the soup can be served for durian lovers who are very much in this country. Business prospects are quite bright for those who are just starting a business.

17. Soybean Milk Beverage Business Opportunities

Soybean Milk Beverage Business Opportunities

Milk this one is unique, because it is not derived from animal protein, but from soybeans that have been boiled, crushed and screened.

Soy milk has now developed with a variety of flavors, such as strawberry, grape, chocolate, etc. This business can be done from your own home, only to sell it around 0,3 - 0,5 $, the turnover that you can reach up to 400 $ per month.

18. Young Coconut Drink Beverage Business Opportunities

Young Coconut Drink Beverage Business Opportunities

Fruits beach this one is refreshing at the same time it can remove toxins in the body. Business young coconut is not inferior to other beverages, in every place you definitely very easily find sellers of coconut ice.

Although many people who started this business, you need not worry. Just look for the area which is approximately unreached young coconut, and guaranteed next day when you start young coconut business, people will came together.

19. Fresh Citrus Orange Beverage Business Opportunities

Fresh Citrus Orange Beverage Business Opportunities

Fresh oranges can usually be combined with coconut ice shop, but can also be shared fresh fruit juice.

Drinks this one does have a slight sweetness that is very refreshing sour throat during the day. Seeing the bright color also makes consumers feel want to continue and continue to drink it again.

20. Sekoteng Beverage Business Opportunities

Sekoteng Beverage Business Opportunities

If you are more comfortable working at night, maybe open a business sekoteng can be a good alternative.

A trader sekoteng carts can reach a turnover of up to 200 $ per month, and can be increased over time.

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