20 Ways Maximize Beef Cattle Business Opportunities For Success

20 Ways Maximize Beef Cattle Business Opportunities For Success - Raise cattle become one of the business opportunities are quite bright prospects, especially with demand for beef is increasing from year to year.

But before starting the cattle business, you should pay attention to 20 the following first:

1. Types of Beef Cattle in Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Types of Beef Cattle in Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

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Before starting to raise cattle, surely you must have enough knowledge about the various kinds of cattle, namely:

  • • Bull boss or boss sondaicus, many found living wild in Java, such as in the area of ​​Ujung Kulon and Pangandaran.
  • • Bos indicus, or more known by name Zebu cattle. Zebu cattle thrive from India, then taken to the area of ​​Asia, including Indonesia.
  • • Bos Taurus, better known as the Ox Europe, because the cow's skin color combination of brown or black and white.
  • Three types of cows are type of cattle which can be considered as the ancestor of the cow, which then each breed with crossbreeding to produce many other kinds that grow in Indonesia.

2. The cows Tropical in Indonesia in Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Of the types of cattle are there, do a variety of cross-breeding to produce cows that is currently developed in Indonesia, such as the type of cow Indonesia following:

  • • Cattle Bali: Bull boss descent who has been tamed and is widely available on the island of Bali.
  • • Cows Ongole: Bos indicus descent who had been tamed at India, there are many on the island of Sumba, sometimes called Sumba Ongole cattle.
  • • Cows Madura: a combination of Bos indicus which has a small hump and Bos Banteng brown or brick red. Has a circular crescent-shaped horns.
  • • Cows RoW: Bull boss offspring that developed on the island of Madura and Java.
  • • Brahman cattle: Bos indicus offspring that developed in the United States, has a grayish-white fur or red. Strong durability in a tropical country.

3. Characteristics of Tropical Cattle In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

To start a cattle business opportunities, employers should understand that the cow is quite sensitive to the temperature according to its kind. Tropical cattle have the following characteristics:

  • • Generally have hump, except in the case of Bali cattle.
  • • Having a relatively long ears are pointed tip.
  • • The head is quite long with a narrow forehead.
  • • The skin is thin and loose.
  • • cow wattle wide and fully developed.
  • • The deposition of fat under the skin is relatively lower.

4. Sub-Tropical Cows in Indonesia In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

In addition to tropical cattle, in Indonesia there are also a wide variety of sub-tropical cattle, such as:

  • • Aberden Angus Cattle: coming from Scotland, began to enter Indonesia in 1973. He weighs about 700 kg (females) and 900 kg (male). Quickly reaching adulthood and produce meat that is good enough quality.
  • • Hereford Cows: coming from the UK, more popularly known as white faced cattle. Adaptation to the environment is very good, simple feed.
  • • Beef Shorthorn: from England, reddish in color, including the heaviest weight.
  • • Cows Carolais: from France, light cream or white colored, dense and large stature.
  • • Cattle Simmental: from Switzerland, or slightly reddish brown color, but white legs and tiny horns.
  • • Limousin Cattle: from France, large body size, growth is good.

5. Advantages Cattle Farming In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Some of the benefits you get quite a lot of time to raise cattle, such as:

  • • One of the most widely livestock consumption both at home and abroad
  • • Skin and confront meat quality is quite high compared to other animals such as buffalo or goat
  • • Power cow can be used for plowing fields. Cows are resistant to the sun.
  • • Cow dung can be beneficial into manure.

6. Land and Livestock Cages In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Land and Livestock Cages In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

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To start a cattle business, make sure you've found the land away from the crowd or have a dense population, because it can interfere with the comfort due to less savory cow dung inhaled.

Cowshed can be built with a roof but remain open so that air can circulate properly. If the number of cows is quite a lot, you can insulate the room so the cows get a measuring 2x2 meters.

Keep the cage too cool and shady, and if it can be located under a tree. Make sure there are drains (drainage) in the cage so it is easy to clean various livestock waste.

7. Specifications Cage Cattle In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

To cowshed, you should note the following four things:

  • • Floor: Usually made of concrete or solid ground made higher than the surrounding land. Can be covered with straw, wood panel, carpet, cow foot board that is not injured by rubbing against the cement. The floor sloped about 15 degrees for easy storage of cow dung.
  • • Walls: There should not be closed, try to open as widely as possible so that the circulation smoothly. The walls can be made of boards, wood, concrete, bamboo, or bamboo shades. The walls needed only about half to one meter from the surface of the enclosure.
  • • Roof: Create from precarious materials, asbestos, zinc, or thatch. Can also be made open to keep cows that are pregnant.
  • • Basin for Feed and Drink: Create a feed tub in front of the cage with the size of the feed tub 2 times larger than drinking tub.

8. Characteristics Cattle Sub-Tropical In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Here are the traits of cattle sub-tropical:

  • • Do not have a hump
  • • The end of a blunt or rounded ears, short head with a broad forehead
  • • Skin more thick of tropical cattle, long fur and rough
  • • short legs, slower motion.
  • • Faster reaching adulthood, 4 years old can achieve maximum growth.
  • • Less resistant to high temperatures, drink a lot, wet dirt

9. Feed Cattle In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Cattle feed in general various kinds, as outlined below:

  • • Leaves fresh green: cow can eat grass-fresh grass, the leaves of beans, jack fruit, banana china, banana leaf.
  • • Dry Forage: the plant is dried so that more could be kept, such as rice straw, corn, and beans skin. However, the provision of dry forage is limited to only 2% of the total weight of the cow.
  • • Silage: fodder processed anaerobic and also cut into pieces to be stored until the dry season often causes a shortage of feed.
  • • Hay: legume or grass that is kept dry with moisture content to stay around 20-30%.

10. Feeding Cows In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Every day, the cows need feed amount of approximately 2.5% of total body weight.

For example a cow weighing 100 kg, then at least you have to give the feed as much as 2.5 kg, plus additional food such as refined rice bran, cassava, coconut cake, or tofu combined with the main feed.

11. Vitamins and Minerals For Cattle In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Vitamins and Minerals For Cattle In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

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Although the types of feed above already contains nutrients for the cow, but certainly cattle also need vitamins and minerals to maintain their health.

Some examples of vitamin and mineral supplements are sold in the market, among others premix and feed additives. These types of supplements are usually ready for use, and you live to give it to cattle.

12. Cattle Vaccine In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Cows can also be affected by diseases caused by viruses such as anthrax. If the cow is considered at risk for contracting the disease, you should immediately leave the anthrax vaccine to prevent it.

Vaccines can help the formation of antibodies making it more resistant cattle will be a variety of diseases.

13. Condition Cattle Ranch in Indonesia In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Although it can live in Indonesia well, but this time cattle ranches that there has not been comparable to cattle farms in developed countries. Breeders still not paying attention to the strict maintenance, seedlings, as well as the feeding is applied.

Also there is no directional selection such as recording age, time of mating, and more. Breeding cattle often done without a schedule and happen by itself.

14. Five Livestock Business In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Need to increase production to encourage farmers to abandon traditional way to raise cattle for ways forward. These ways can be summarized in the following five points:

  • • Use quality seeds
  • • Giving feed with good quality and sufficient quantity
  • • Applying how healthy and good maintenance
  • • Eliminating dangerous disease of cattle
  • • Creating marketing with favorable results.

15. Prospects of Breeding Cattle In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

In Indonesia, the prospect of beef cattle is quite good considering beef demand continues to increase from year to year. From the statistical data, for example, in 2015 there is a demand by about 640,000 tons a year, which is an increase of 8.5% compared with the previous year's 590,000 tons.

However, the need for cuts of meat, the cow still can not be met by production in the country so often to be covered by imports. This is the chance of cattle farmers to meet the needs of domestic cattle.

16. Cattle Raising Venture Capital In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Cattle Raising Venture Capital In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

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Certainly have cattle farms need capital to build the stables and taking care of the cows. Some things you should consider in determining the capital of the cattle business, among others:

  • • Capital for the preparation of land (rental or purchase)
  • • Capital to buy a cow would.
  • • Capital paid workers who will operate the cattle.
  • • Modal make the enclosure as well as various equipment
  • • The cost of cattle feed during the period
  • • The cost of medicines and vaccines

17. Seed Selection Cows In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

To start a cattle business, of course you need to make the selection of seeds that will produce cows with a good quality.

Make sure the cows that you choose obvious pedigree, have eyes that are bright and clean, his nose no mucus, and breathing is not disturbed, the skin free of parasites of any kind, no ruffled feathers, and note whether at the anus and tail there are signs of diarrhea.

18. Cattle Care Daily In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

Besides fed and placed in a comfortable cage, the following items are needed for the maintenance of cows maximum:

  • • Vaccines and drugs for worms that free cow disease
  • • Clean the cowshed every day so that cows avoid the diseases that may be caused by the lack of cleanliness of the cage.
  • • Bathe a cow at least 3 days, brush up her clean.

19. Factors Affecting Meat Production In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

For beef cattle, meat production would be important. The following points should be noted that cattle produce meat to the maximum

  • • Feed the optimal amount with various vitamin and mineral supplements
  • • Genetic factors: good quality cattle will produce the meat very quickly as well
  • • Gender: male bovine growth faster than cows
  • • Management of proper maintenance.

20. In the Ask the expert In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

In the Ask the expert In Beef Cattle Business Opportunities

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For the sake of the success of cattle in the future, of course, you need a mentor or expert who has long been engaged in the world of cattle.

Feel free to continue to ask about things you do not understand and have not indicated on the above information. Remember that many questions will make you more know how to handle cattle to the maximum.

That is article 20 Ways Maximize Beef Cattle Business Opportunities For Success hopefully help you. Do not forget to share this article link in social media you know maybe your friends or followers is in need. Share your opinion on this article in the comments sections, thanks for the share and comments :)

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